PHYL (Personal Hyperlinker)
Mechanical machine: wood, 4 screens, plexiglass, transparent film, LED lights 60 × 50 × 15cm
This reading machine, which I designed, built, and wrote an instruction manual for, was based on Vannevar Bush’s Memmex. Contrary to the internet, where data gateways are open to all, in this machine all data is input and processed solely by the user. The aim of this project was to explore the evolution of reading printed material. This project was part of workshop with Simon Renaud, called Tête de Lecture.
Here is an example of the four scrolls that were used inside the machine, each scroll would be linked to previous one and the following one; here meat recipes are followed by the animal used in the dish, followed by the disease that could come from the animal, followed by the country where the disease could be related to, and so on...