TGC #3
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Tetra Gamma Circulaire #3 – the unknown audio magazine. TGC #3 is compiled in collaboration with De Player and fellow students of the Piet Zwart Institute, as part of our Experimental Publishing programme of the Media Design Master, named XPUB. TGC #3 is a particular kind of publishing platform engineered for sonic experiments, instruments, and installations. Some dare say it's a kind of jukebox. Made of concrete as a body, an internal stand alone wifi station enables you to get in touch with the content of this floppyesk magazine. By choosing your floppy and activating it with the floppydrive you can surf through the collection which comes along. Further features are a camera, speakers an oudio line out and LED light. Truly freaky, very contemporary and archaic, as well as very communicative. The TGC#3 is meant as a platform and also travels from presentation to presentation worldwide, with the aim to invite local artists to join the platform, the floppy collection will grow in time. (text taken from De Player's website)

The students floppy projects can be found here.

The interface for my own contribution can be found here:
Drone Oddity #1
Drone Oddity #2
Drone Oddity #3

Riso printed flyers for the night of the Event

A gif I made for the landing page of the local wifi station.